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Post Cyclone Catch Up

Post Cyclone Catch Up

30th January 2024

Post Cyclone Catch Up

Coming together for the TC Kirrily Debrief

At Breakwater Marina, the sense of community is as strong as the mooring lines that tether the boats to the docks. When challenges arise, whether from turbulent weather or unforeseen circumstances, there's a shared understanding that we're all in this together. Such was the case recently when the marina community gathered for the TC Kirrily debrief, turning a simple BBQ lunch into a meaningful discussion about resilience and preparedness.

The debrief provided an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences, from preparing their vessels for the impending storm to weathering the fierce winds and torrential rain. Personal anecdotes and practical tips were exchanged freely, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and expertise within the marina community.

One recurring theme of the discussion was the importance of preparation. From securing loose items on deck to double-checking mooring lines and stocking up on essential supplies, every detail mattered when facing the fury of nature. As seasoned sailors swapped stories with newcomers, valuable insights emerged, reinforcing the importance of being proactive and vigilant in the face of adversity.

The Debrief BBQ lunch served not only as a platform for discussion but also as a reminder of the strength that comes from coming together as a community, even in the aftermath of a storm.