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Cyclone Information

Cyclone Information


In the lead up to, during and in recovery of a Tropical Storm or Cyclone, the conditions continuously change, as does the threat to life and property.

Gale force winds, intense rain, flooding and storm tide are expected in severe weather events and they can cause localised responses like power outages, road closures, phone reception and internet connection problems and contamination of drinking water for example. 

The strongest advice is to stay informed so monitor the following sources so you can make informed decisions.

Townsville City Council have a Local Disaster Management Group to keep informed and updated >>> VISIT DASHBOARD


Weather Monitoring & Forecasts
  • The Bureau of Meteorology will have a dedicated Cyclone Warning page on their website with maps tracking and predicting the path and impact areas.
  • Weather Apps like Cyclone Chasers, Willy Weather, Windy, Seabreeze are useful sources
  • Radio, including the North Queensland ABC and all local FM stations will make regular broadcasts
  • All the free to air TV channels post regular announcement and they become more regular as the threat intensifies.
  • The Volunteer Marine Rescue will make announcements on VHF 16.

For Local Impacts & Disaster Management 
  • Breakwater Marina will post updates via email and on their Facebook Page as regularly as is practicable including changes to the Marina’s Warning System and marina specific functions as the threat intensifies.
  • The local Disaster Management Group run by the Townsville City Council is the official local source of information. Monitor their website on or Facebook Page at Townsville Disaster Information. The Emergency Dashboard is a quick reference to all Emergency News, Weather Warnings, Road Conditions and Power Outrages.
  • Listen out for the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) which is used at the beginning of all serious warnings. You’ll hear it ahead of emergency broadcasts on TV and Radio.
  • Listen out for voice mail messages or text messages to your mobile from Australia’s national Emergency Alert.
  • Emergency service personnel may come by in person to pass on warnings.

Learning more about living in North Queensland

Direct Links: 

TCC Disaster Dashboard

Bureau of Meteorology


State Emergency Service (SES)  13 25 00

Townsville Council (water/sewerage)  (07) 4727 9000

Townsville Hospital  (07) 4796 1111

Ergon  (loss of supply & emergencies) 13 22 96

Telstra (faults) 13 22 03

Origin Energy (LPG emergency. leaks only) 1800 808 526

RACQ  1300 130 595

CONTACT BREAKWATER MARINA: Channel 10 VHF or 07 4721 2233  EMAIL  [email protected]

In the Marina:

If you experience or witness anything that’s dangerous or life threatening; in an emergency, the first call goes to ‘000’. Get the Police down as quickly as possible. 
If you experience or witness anything that’s a breach of security, persistent nuisance behaviour, activity that’s potentially dangerous or could case injury, a threat to a vessel or an infrastructure failure, you’re encouraged to contact the Marina’s security provider. They have a brief of urgent and non-urgent incidents and events to respond to. Their response is largely dependant upon the circumstances but in short; anything that’s urgent and time sensitive, the security outfit is authorised to respond immediately and they’ll contact Marina Management. For reports that are less urgent in nature, the security outfit will pass the information immediately to Management and an appropriate response will be put in place. 
MARINA SECURITY – phone Southern Cross Protection 24/7 on (07) 4728 7150 or 1300 136 102. This number is also posted at each of the gate-entries.
Naturally, if you experience or witness any of the above mentioned Marina related issues during hours, when marina staff are on site, then we encourage you to draw the issue to the attention of staff as soon as you possibly can. 


 WATCH:  Know your Stages in a Cyclone

Considering Your Mooring Plans for the Storm Season

The combination of a proven Marina Cyclone Plan, sensible boat preparation and the help of experienced Marina Staff are a proven defence to riding severe weather out this storm season.

At Breakwater Marina, we work with our vessel owners one-on-one to be prepared. There’s no need for a hasty retreat back home to avoid storms in the North. Our Marina is a safe harbour surrounded by a flourishing city with all the conveniences nearby, making it an ideal base from which you can launch your next tropical north adventure.

With our comprehensive Cyclone Management Plan, our team can help you coordinate with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered.

We have developed our Cyclone Management Plan (CMP) to:

  1. Be a useful reference to assist boat owners preparing their boats for the rigours of Tropical Storms
  2. To set-out the compulsory measures we expect boat owners to take to mitigate against the dangers that Tropical Storms present,
  3. To help you prepare your own Emergency Plan which includes preparing your Emergency Kit and Evacuation Plan
  4. To understand the risks of Tropical Storms and Cyclones and how to stay informed during a disaster, and
  5. To define the readiness measures and management steps the Marina will take over the course of a Tropical Storm.  
If you have a Berth Agreement with Breakwater Marina between 1 November and 30 April, it is requisite to your mooring that you comply with these measures set out in the Cyclone Management Plan to best protect your boat and those boats around yours from damage.  

Every November, our team conducts a Marina wide Cyclone Audit to check each boat’s preparedness for upcoming severe weather. The Breakwater team is committed to helping residents and boat owners prepare ahead of cyclone season in order to minimize damage to property and maintain personal safety, and our Cyclone Management Plan is a useful information tool as well as reference to assist both the seasoned boaties and the uninitiated with their own readiness.

The step by step Cyclone Management Plan can help you prepare for the worst with the best staff onsite to help. Visit our office to get your hardcopy or speak to one of our friendly staff.

Cyclone Management Plan