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DIVING INTO LOCAL HISTORY:  The Townsville Sailing Club

DIVING INTO LOCAL HISTORY: The Townsville Sailing Club

20th March 2024

DIVING INTO LOCAL HISTORY: The Townsville Sailing Club

Diving into Local History: The Townsville Sailing Club

The Townsville Sailing Club shares a rich history intertwined with the vibrant maritime culture of the Townsville region.

In 1864 with the arrival of the first settlers in Townsville yet as soon as 1895 there was sufficient interest to establish a “Townsville Sailing Club”. Over the past 120 years, the club has operated various facilities including the Squadron Building on the Ross Creek, at Enterprise House and even operated from a caravan at Pallarenda before relocating to their current Clubhouse situated on the Strand on Mariner’s Drive.

Dinghy sailing, a key aspect of the club's activities, has a long history in Townsville. Dinghies and small sailboats typically designed for one or two people, became increasingly popular for recreational sailing and racing in the region over the decades. Townsville's favorable climate, watersport activities and an enthusiastic sailing community provided an ideal environment for dinghy sailing to thrive.

Over the years, the Townsville Sailing Club has played a pivotal role in promoting sailing and learning to sail. The club has hosted numerous sailing events, regattas, and competitions, attracting sailors of all ages and skill levels. These events not only foster friendly competition but also serve as opportunities for sailors to hone their skills, build camaraderie, and share their passion for sailing.

The club's dedication to sailing has contributed to its growth and popularity over time and through sailing programs, training sessions, and social events, the Townsville Sailing Club has cultivated a vibrant sailing community, welcoming newcomers and seasoned sailors alike.

Today, the Townsville Sailing Club continues to uphold its legacy as a hub for sailing enthusiasts in the region. With modern facilities, a dynamic calendar of events, and a commitment to promoting the sport, the club remains an integral part of Townsville's maritime heritage, inspiring generations of sailors to take to the water and experience the thrill of getting out on the water.


“As a very small child I would climb around the rocks on low tides under that club looking for coins that were dropped through the timber floor. On occasions finding enough for a drink….probably coming out of dad’s pocket.” Colin Dunne (The Marine Guys)