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CONDITION RED Tropical Cyclone Update 5 Thursday 25 January 2024

CONDITION RED Tropical Cyclone Update 5 Thursday 25 January 2024

25th January 2024

CONDITION RED Tropical Cyclone Update 5 Thursday 25 January 2024

To All Our Marina Customers and Residents,

Important Notice to All Marina Customers – CONDITION RED Tropical Cyclone Update 5 Thursday 25 January 2024

The intensification of TC Kirrily and its forecast track to a location on the coast close to Townsville has required us to advance Breakwater’s Cyclone Condition status to CONDITION RED.

This Cyclone Condition progression to RED is considered very seriously. Cyclone Condition RED requires the absolute final preparations of the property and all boats in readiness for damage control and evacuation. This morning gave an interim condition to voluntarily evacuation and now we are issuing the instruction to evacuate.   Do not ignore this advice - the decision to issue an evacuation notice is not taken lightly and is based on the imminent impact of damaging winds, intense rain and the possible inundation of coastal and low lying areas.

The prevailing conditions are deteriorating as the day goes on; the winds are expected to strengthen with rain becoming heavier as the day progresses, making it increasingly difficult to be outside. Vessel preparations must be finished immediately.

By now, your boat will be repositioned in its the berth, at least one full second set of mooring lines are on, extra fenders have been deployed and wind loadings have been reduced by ensuring sails, covers, loose items and dinghies are heavily lashed down.

Your Final Preparations Include:

  • Advise the Marina office of your movements. Now the Evacuation Order has been issued, it is compulsory for all persons in high risk coastal areas to go to an alternate refuge for shelter.
  • Monitor the storm system developments on the BOM website and on TV, Radio, VHF, Facebook and email from Breakwater Marina for regular cyclone updates
In consideration of the inevitable very strong winds expected this afternoon and into the night, the Marina has advanced its cyclone threat to Condition RED effective immediately and will isolate power and ALL Marina services.
  • Electricity will be shut down and will be isolated overnight and we will endeavor to keep the pedestal lights on the Piers where that’s possible.
  • Electricity will be restored as soon as it’s deemed safe to do so.
  • As of 1400 this afternoon, the Fuel system has been shut down so refueling will not be available until advised that it is safe again to dispense fuel.
  • Gas Hot Water systems servicing the Male and Female showers will be turned off.

Remaining On:

  • Fire and Emergency call points throughout the Marina will remain on.
    Potable and fire water will remain on.

We acknowledge many of our Marina customers are short and long term residents on their boats and that an evacuation order is disruptive but the predicted impacts are potentially damaging and local and therefore too unsafe to remain onboard.

From 2pm this afternoon we have activated Condition Red and evacuation from the premises is mandatory. This is in line with the advice from the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group for all Townsville residents to expect damaging winds from around 2pm and to stay off the roads and to remain in a safe place.

If you don’t have a commercial premise or residence to seek shelter, the Council have declared 2 refuge shelters open as of last night. We refer you to the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group website for details.

For a quick heads-up in respect to the aftermath and when it’ll be safe to return to the Marina and shore power will be turned back on, it’s difficult to say at this point with any certainty but we’ll be doing the relevant checks as early as practicable on Friday morning and circulate advice on email when we’ve concluded the necessary safety checks.

Marina staff will be onsite for a limited time this afternoon and are available to help, and we’ll have staff back onsite tomorrow as soon as it safe to do so.

Scott Marshall    |    General Manager