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Carparking at Mariner's Drive

Carparking at Mariner's Drive

Parking on Mariner's Drive

Casual and Visitor Parking Information:

The Mariners Peninsula Principal Body Corporate owns and manages the use of all car parking spaces on Mariners Peninsula and will tow vehicles that do not have a valid parking permit in the windscreen.   Breakwater Marina Vessel Owners' guests and passengers (including fare paying passengers) are not entitled to receive any additional parking permits and must not park any vehicles on Mariners Peninsula.

  • Charterboat guests are not be permitted to park on the Peninsula for any period of time (even for short charters 2-3 hours).
  • We suggest customers and guests park on The Strand and walk in (the distance from the Strand to the Fuel Wharf is 400m).
  • Have large/heavy items?  Guests are welcome to use the 10 minute Loading Bay spaces at G Gate to load/unload.
  • Being dropped off? Cars and Taxi's transporting passengers are permitted to drive down to the end of Mariner's Drive to drop off guests near the Fuel Wharf.    
  • If you are a vessel owner that is planning a trip with invited guests onboard, we encourage you to speak to your guests and arrange carpooling or alternative transport to the Marina.
  • Breakwater Marina will not be held responsible for any cars that are removed offsite by the Body Corporate.

Staying with us Longer? 

Information for Vessel Owners with a Current Marina Berth Agreement

The parking system is administered by the Mariners Peninsula Body Corporate and it relies on a cooperative approach to ensure there are spaces available for users who are actively using the Precinct.   In practical terms, long term parking cannot be allowed, vehicles that sit idle that are either not working or used for storage are denying others the opportunity to park, there’s no room for non-vehicles like trailers and multiple visitor vehicles linked to a single vessel disadvantage others and their ability to find a park.  The Marina will use all endeavors to have a limited number of car parking spaces available for temporary use by the occupiers of the Marina. The Marina makes no warranty or assurances as to the availability or otherwise of such car parking adjacent to the Marina at any time during the duration of the Rental Agreement.  

  1. Carparking on Mariner’s Peninsula is available for Marina tenants who have a current mooring agreement with Breakwater Marina. 
  2. A permit system is in effect to ensure spaces are available for tenants to access to their boats but does not guarantee a carpark, especially during busy periods. 
  3. Cars are to be roadworthy and operational.  Cars can not sit idle for periods of time not moving or relocating parks.  Cars that are left unattended may be removed (even with a current Marina Agreement).
  4. Registration details are to be supplied to the Marina Office and a parking permit will be issued only for the term of your agreement.  
  5. Only two permits will be issued per agreement.
  6. Permits are not to be interchanged or ‘loaned’ to cars not on the registered list.  
  7. Permits are assigned to specific vehicles and owners and must be current. 
  8. Non-permitted parking may see the vehicle removed. 
  9. Permits are reviewed and updated yearly starting July.