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Check-out these recent sea trials from ARG Gyro Stabilisers

Check-out these recent sea trials from ARG Gyro Stabilisers

16th June 2022

Check-out these recent sea trials from ARG Gyro Stabilisers

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Meet your local North Queensland Dealer - Kerry Hipgrave, CY Marine

The Japanese Mitsubishi Tohmei ARG gyro stabilisers have been around for awhile now but North Queensland now has an Agent based in Cairns – Kerry Hipgrave.   

The ARG gyro stabilisers are reputed to significantly increase comfort, relaxation and enjoyment among boaters far and wide! Kerry says she’s really excited to be the North Queensland ARG gyro dealer from Mackay north - based in Cairns - and will be visiting Townsville regularly, every 4-6 weeks, and more often should the necessity arise.

While there are other established gyro brands on the market, Kerry says the ARG has distinct advantages and they come in a number of different sizes to suit a wide range of small craft through to Superyachts. Kerry adds that you have to see their performance to believe it and recommends you check-out the following recent sea trials on a 47’ Maritimo and 45’ Riviera in Cairns: 

 WATCH NOWRiviera and Maritimo Demonstration video 

 WATCH NOW45’ Riviera ‘Kyrenia’ Video 

All gyro stabilisers include 5 year / 5000hr Warranty with ARG Australia

Life is too short not to be comfortable!  😊   

The main benefits of an ARG gyro stabiliser over other gyro stabiliser brands are:

  1.  No through hull fittings
  2. Air cooled, as opposed to water cooled.
  3. No hydraulic pumps to fail
  4. No electrical sensors to fail.
  5. No annual maintenance - ARG gyro bearings last for years and can be switched out in one day, as opposed to eg. Seakeeper gyro bearing changes needing the entire sphere removed from the boat and shipped back to the United States! ARG-65
  6. ARG gyros come with unmatched reliability and an unmatched 5years/ 5000hrs warranty!

If you’re looking to get more technical information and videos on the ARG gyro, then you can go to the CY Marine website and Facebook pages.

If you want to connect with Kerry to learn more about the ARG gyro stabilisers, you can contact her directly on Mobile 0437 551 614 or find her details in the footer below. She has brochures she can send through or she can arrange to meet when she comes to Townsville.

Kerry added that she’s sponsoring the Townsville Game Fishing Club 40th Billfish Tournament mid-August, and also the Innisfail Game Fishing tournament, in early August. She also has a tentative plan to do a gyro presentation and drinks and nibbles ‘Meet & Greet’ information evening over at the Townsville Yacht Club when she’s next in Townsville, so you’re encouraged to send through your interest in that presentation with the below contact details.

PLEASE CONTACT:  Kerry Hipgrave   Mobile:  0437 551 614     
Email:  [email protected]

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