Lifestyle…. At a Tropical Pace

We welcome both short and long term tenants if you are planning to live aboard your vessel at Breakwater Marina

There is a strong community of Live Aboards in the Marina that welcome our visitors as friends and neighbours.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and social gatherings the Marina and our Tenants hold regularly so you get a chance to meet with your new neighbours.  From Jam Sessions to Footy on the big screen, we’ve got shared areas for catching up or chilling out.   For events and functions being held, we have a large shaded grassed area in front of the Amenities Building for outdoor entertaining, or an indoor Social Room just for tenants to use for private functions or watching the big screen TV.

Free Wifi is provided at the Amenities Building and recently Breakwater Marina added a Communal BBQ area.  For the green thumbs we’ve got a dedicated veggie & herb garden, with newly added citrus trees bordering our grassy area at the Amenities block.

Pets On Board

Your furry friends are welcome and are permitted to be on board vessels in the marina with prior approval from marina management.

24 Hour Fuel Wharf & Vessel Maintenance

Refuelling is via the floating on-water refuelling facility that sits conveniently just inside the Marina entrance – and it’s now open 24/7. Sitting half way between the Whitsundays and Cairns, Breakwater Marina Townsville is ideally located for that top-up on the run or that last minute refuel to get you fishing on the Reef.  Swipe your bank card or Marina Fuel Card and you can take on  unleaded fuel and diesel supplied on slow to Hi-flo at any time that suits you. We also offer LPG cylinder refills, and block/crushed ice available.

The Marina no longer has a vessel haul-out but we do have a number of dedicated trades and services available from sparkys, to navigation, through mechanics to divers. Ask us for a service providers list at the Marina Office.


We are committed to providing a safe and secure marine environment for all users and have a network of over 15 CCTV cameras throughout the Marina.  The Marina Precinct has adopted a “Neighbourhood Watch” group format who meet up regularly.  Meet your neighbours at the next meeting and gain insightful tips on how to be safe on the water and at home.

Mariner's GuideF

Dedicated Waste Compound

We are committed to environmental best practice initiatives and you are encouraged to make use of these facilities and at the same time, contribute to a healthier environment and a cleaner marina.

No Discharge into the Marina

The disposal or discharge of any poisonous, noxious, dangerous or offensive waste into the marina environment is prohibited. Any persons dumping such rubbish, sewerage or petroleum products will be reported to Maritime Safety Queensland and the Environmental Protection Agency and will bear the cost of the offending clean-up.

Our Maintenance Policy

Always consult with the Marina office if you are considering any work.  These policies are designed to safeguard vessels from damage, ensure personal safety, and protect the community spirit. Only minor repairs and maintenance that are generally done by hand and don’t require the use of power tools are permitted on vessels in the marina.  Please feel free to see Marina Staff if you require further clarification on these restrictions or visit the office to read through your Agreement Guidelines.